Can I reduce 1st gear 70% or 45% only?
No. In order to just give reduction in 1st gear, the maximum percentage available is 30%. In order to do the 1st gear only reduction kit you will need to purchase an additional modified gear set that will proved ample amount of clearance for the new 1st gear set.
Can I reduce certain gears more than others?
No. We only make 3 gear sets: 1st gear, 5th gear, and the input gears. There is no way to modify any other gears in the transmission.
Can I reduce the entire gear box 15%? Can I reduce the entire gear box 30%?
Yes. In order to change the entire gear box only 1 gear set needs to be replaced. The input gear drop set will reduce 1st-5th + reverse. We make two ratios: 15% reduction and 30% reduction.
How do I get the 45% or 70% reduction in 1st gear?
When you combine our 1st gear set to either of our input drop set gears, it compounds the ratios together and gives you additional reduction in 1st gear. Since 1st gear only provides 30% reduction, when compounded with the 15% drop set you get close to 45% reduction in 1st gear. When our 1st gear is compounded with the 30% drop set you get close to 70% reduction in 1st gear.
Is 5th gear a reduction gear set?
No. Our 5th gear is an OVER-DRIVE gear set that adds an additional 15% of speed to 5th gear. Depending on what combination 5th gear is added to there are various levels it will provide. If 5th gear is added to a stock, unmodified transmission, you will receive +15% over drive. If 5th gear is added to a transmission with our 15% reduction drop set added, you will receive 1% REDUCTION from stock. If 5th gear is added to a transmission with our 30% reduction drop set added, you will receive 15% REDUCTION from stock.
What is your clutch mod and why do I need it?
Our clutch mod is a modified inner clutch drum that has been machined, ported and plated then sealed to "pressurize" the clutch system to force oil through the clutch packs, keeping all of the discs lubricated and cooled.
Do your products work with the SS model?
Yes, all of our components work with the SS paddle shift model.
What special products do you have for the SS model?
The GSC Module is a requirement in order to change any of the gears inside the SS transmission. The GSC, Gear Shift Controller, is a stand alone computer system that works in conjunction with the Yamaha wiring harness. It can be programmed based on which gear selection and tire size the vehicle will be using. The GSC does not affect any aftermarket tunes or ECU re-flash.
Our other major upgrade for the SS model is our new IRP Pressure Plate. The IRP, Initial Response Plate, is a new pressure plate that works in conjunction with the Yamaha clutch and shift actuators and gives the SS the ability to begin moving at 200rpm. This feature is GREAT for slow speed driving in any scenario: loading on a trailer, crawling up a hill, towing or starting in precarious situations where gaining momentum with out spinning the tires is crucial. The pedal response is similar to a Rekluse clutch on a standard model or a CVT clutch on competitors vehicles.