100% sheet metal housing

pre-runner RACE HOUSING


  • Heat Treated Housings - Multi-hardness treatment prevents a compromise of hardness in the assembly 
  • Signature Welding - Specialty filler rods utilizing different material compounds allows the proper amount of layers to be welded to maximize fatigue resistance
  • Surface Grinding - All housing face plates are machined after all welding is complete, ensuring a perfect 3rd member to face plate interface
  • CAD Designed Fixturing - Mounts are accurately placed with precision by utilizing CAD programs and laser cut fixtures
  • Registers for Mis-Aligns - Each CAD Designed pivot mount features laser cut guides to reduce the load on the fastener and ease the assembly of suspension components
  • High-Strength Hardware - 3rd members are secured by high strength studs, preventing differentials hardware to loosen, strip, or pull through the face plate.